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Power Inductor


What is a Power Inductor?

A Power inductor is an integral component of SMPS or switched-mode power supplies (electronic power supply units incorporating a switching regulator providing the required DC output voltage) acting as energy storage devices. Power inductor accumulate energy in magnetic fields with the current flowing through them; the power inductor then transfers this energy – partially or wholly - into another circuit. The transfer occurs during the alternate part of the switching cycle. Thus, a power inductor finds usage in both analog and digital circuits, especially those required for signal processing. They aid in emphasizing or filtering out particular signal frequencies.

  • In power supplies, to remove residual hums and other fluctuations.
  • For preventing radio frequency interference.
  • In tuned circuits for radio reception and broadcasting.
  • As energy storage devices in SMPS to maintain very accurate voltage control.
In electrical transmission systems, to depress voltages from lightning strikes; to limit switching currents and to limit fault current.

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