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Voltage Transformer


What is a Voltage transformer?

Voltage transformer (often abbreviated as VT) is also known as potential transformers. These are a type of instrument transformers that gauge and protect the safety levels in high-voltage circuits. Their designs allow presenting a negligible load to a supply that’s being measured and for creating a precise voltage ratio for stepping down high voltages accurately. It allows operations at lower potentials.

Voltage transformer features windings at the high-voltage connection points (H1, H2 and so on; H0 if it’s an internal grounding), though second isolated windings are also found occasionally.

In a voltage transformers, the terminal identifications are referred as polarities; if there are present same suffix numerals, they indicate similar polarities and phases. Currently, they are not used for voltages greater than 240V as before; the modern meters have eliminated VTs from usage in most of the secondary service voltages.


 A Voltage transformer finds typical usage in circuits with system voltage level exceeding 600 Volts. .

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