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Custom Design

Custom Transformers and Magnetics

Need an application or circuit specific transformer or inductor? ACT has a long history of broad and in-depth experience designing and building to the most exacting application specific requirements. Contact our engineering staff for more information!

Reference switching transformers

  • For use with Linear Tech controllers
  • For use with NSC controllers
  • For use with Maxim controllers
  • For use with AD controllers

Designed and built to your specifications

  • For your custom halfbridge supply
  • For your custom flyback supply
  • For your custom push-pull supply

Optimized to your specific needs and applications

  • Surface mount transformers on tape and reel
  • Low profile transformers
  • High volume / low cost transformers
  • Extreme duty transformers (throw em down a hole or shoot em into space...they keep on switching)
  • Medical self-shielded transformers